Captain Midnight Band

Waterbed Rock & Roll

“...and what they've done, is create what might be the ultimate party band. Captain Midnight Band combines some seriously wacky and occasionally R-rated lyrics with the heavy guitars and funky bottom end of vintage Funkadelic. The costumes are crazy, the amps are loud and the rhythms are for dancing.”


“this was a band that was born to play Bonnaroo. ... if only there were passed out hippies on the floor and the smell of a nasty porta-potty, we would've felt like we actually were at the 'Roo”

- Nashville Cream, Nashville Scene

“To truly understand the futuristic genius that is Captain Midnight Band, you have to see them live...If you weren't there, you missed the over-the-top showmanship, the comic book costumes, some racy humor and one hell of a good time.”

- Kate Anthony, Oxford Town

“In contrast to their predecessors of the weekend, The Captain Midnight Band offered up an entirely different musical experience than any previous performers. Costumes adorned both the stage and the crowd as far as the eye could see. Although strange, the whimsical air established by the group endured for the rest of the festival. ”

- DeGaetano, Honest Tune

“...Part jam band, part American rock band in the Bob Seger and Tom Petty tradition, the band definitely induced some — to fish out a 1990 phrase — bouncing around the room.”

- Nashville Scene

"...we were blown away by both their energy and humor. Some songs make you want to get up and dance, while others are rock that you must sit back and simply absorb."

- Atlanta, GA

“The term “Southern-fried” takes on new meaning with the music of this outlandish band. Part funk, part classic rock and part comic-book costumes, it adds up to all spectacle. On its own songs, such as the lasciviously humorous “Position Impossible,” the band pairs glam-rock excess with leering lyrical humor. K. Oliver”

- K. Oliver, Free Times: Sound Bites - Columbia, SC

“If your logo looks like Han Solo made it and your bio uses the phrase “Water Bed Rock & Roll for the mind, booty and soul,” then you’ve got my attention and should have everyone else’s. This humor-happy band of the epic erotic jam started in New Orleans, which explains their adolescent funkiness. Despite -- or perhaps because of -- their polyamorous affair with genre, Captain Midnight’s one constant is their connection to the audience. In other words, they like to party and hope you do too..”


“While they were backed by a rhythm section that couldn't have been any tighter, the Captain and keyboardist/vocalist Lil' Rae Rae filled the room with guitar driven Frank Zappa-ish sound playing their songs "Instant Buzz' and "Jug of Wine" while channeling a retro Prince Mongo-type party vibe.”

- Jungle Room.Com