Captain Midnight Band

Waterbed Rock & Roll

Captain Midnight Band Bio

Internationally-ignored superstar, Captain Midnight is the world’s only known purveyor of “Waterbed Rock & Roll”.

Crunchy Rock Guitar Riffs, Thick R&B Grooves, and Soaring Vocal Harmonies combine to create a unique, yet familiar soundscape for jammy anthems, sci-fi imagery, and improvisational adult situations.

Captain Midnight - Guitar, Vocals

The sexy, slick production on the band's three studio albums have certainly raised a few earbrows, but any fan will tell you that "Waterbed Rock & Roll" translates best in a live setting.

Midnight and Keyboardist/Vocalist Lil Rae Rae's ever-growing songbook dictates a diverse setlist from night to night, but  their penchant for oddball jams and musical exploration, flavored by cast of killer players, is helping to sneak them through the back door of the hard-to-define Jam Scene.

The Captain Midnight Band's diverse appeal has resulted in club, theater, and festival dates with such acts as Dark Star Orchestra, moe, Cypress Hill, Twiddle, Jimmy Herring Band, Larry Keel, Leftover Salmon, Cornmeal, N.R.P.S., Del McCoury,  Karl Denson, Col. Bruce Hampton, Keller Williams, TAUK, and many more more.

Flattering comparisons to genre-defying acts such as P-Funk, Frank Zappa, and Ween are evident in the live show, where a genuine, energetic exchange is crafted and nurtured between band, fans, and whoever is lucky enough to be in the vicinity.

Lil' Rae Rae - Keys, Vocals

The group has just finished their fourth independent studio release, Freak Of Nature, and have already begun assembling another batch of tunes for the next album.  Captain Midnight Band's previous releases are all available on itunes, Amazon, and Spotify.